General 3D Prints

3D printed stormtrooper

3DWhip is a company that is focused on providing services for general 3D prints. This page covers all the other types of 3D printing we can do that do not have a specific page.

– Past Projects: General Prints –

The general 3D prints that we have done include; bath bomb moulds, Christmas tree decorations, home decor, jewelry, 3D prints for mould making, electroplating 3D prints, desk organizers, electronic housings, coasters and many many more. You can visit our 3D print gallery to see the different types of 3D prints we have done.

– Want to Watch Us 3D Print? –

We understand that seeing is believing. Check out our Youtube Channel to watch our latest time-lapse videos, live 3D printing streams, product design videos, and product assembly videos. Subscribe to our channel to keep up to date and see any of the 3D printed products.

general 3d prints
Youtube Channel

– See Some of Our Cool Past 3D Prints –

Interested in checking some of our many other different 3D prints? Visit our 3D print gallery page (select the image below) to see all of our 3D printed captures to date.

3D Print Gallery

– Would You Like to Engage with Us? –

Contact us if you want anything 3D printed.