Digital Designs

digital design, 3d printable fly trap created by 3DWhip

3DWhip is an online on-demand additive manufacturing company that provides 3D digital designs of product development.

– Past Project: 3D Printable Push Button Fly Catcher –

Product design of a portable and small flycatcher device. The product design made use of compression springs and the body was 3D printable. The Flycatcher attaches to the lid of bins and has a bait chamber which attracts and traps the flies.

– Software Used to Create Our Digital Designs –

Fusion 360 and Meshmixer.

– Would you Like to See Us Create Digital Designs? –

3DWhip is actively trying to improve and show our customers our capabilities in the design and additive manufacturing space. We upload a range of videos to our Youtube channel. These videos include time-lapse videos, product designing using the different software packages and product assembly of 3D printed parts. Watch us on Youtube to see our capabilities.

– Want to See Our Other Designs? –

If you would like to see more of these, visit our digital design gallery. You will get to see many of our past projects of professionally rendered pictures. 3DWhip aims to provide the best possible service in-line with additive manufacturing requirements.

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