3D Printed Art Tools

3d printed etch press, printed by 3dwhip

3DWhip is an online on-demand additive manufacturing company that provides 3D printed art tools. These kits are perfect weekend projects that can get the little ones engaged.

– Past Project: Open Press Project –

The mission is simple. To make print-making accessible to everyone. No need for heavy industrialized machines to create your own custom printed-paintings.

Open Press Project is the first 3D-printed etching press. Everyone who has access to a 3D printer can produce their own fully functional DIY press and print their own etchings, dry-points or engravings. Woodcuts, linocuts and other relief printing techniques work, too!

If you don’t have a 3D Printer, Contact us and we can print the press for you.

The model consisted of 10 different parts with the addition of 2 M5 nuts and bolts to create the tensioning system of the DIY press. Visit the 3D Prints Gallery to see the printed parts and assembly.

Visit the OpenPressProject website to read more about this project.

– What Kind of 3D Printed Art Tools Do We offer? –

We offer any 3D printable art tools that will assist any artist or hobbyist to create beautiful art. We can print models supplied by you or custom designed by us. Please allow ample time and additional costs for specific tool designs.

– Want to See Us 3D Print? –

We understand that seeing is believing. Check out our Youtube Channel to watch our latest time-lapse uploads. Subscribe to our channel to keep up to date and see any of the 3D printed props & cosplay accessories we do.

3d printing art tools
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– Would You Like to Engage with Us? –

Contact us if you want a specific art tool 3D printed for you.