3D Printing Topology Analysis

3D printing topology analysis

3DWhip is an online on-demand additive manufacturing company that provides 3D printing topology analysis. We are able to do topology optimisations due to our level of experience in designing for 3D printing.

– Past Project: Topology Analysis for 3D Printable Design –

A topology optimisation uses a mathematical approach to optimise the additive material layout based on a fixed design space and operational conditions. The final product created when using the topology analysis creates a part that is strong and organic in its shape.

The optimisation process creates an organic design based on how nature would react to a given set of applied forces. This process is able to reduce the design flow from weeks to days or days to hours. The products created are stronger than standard finite element method designs or standard CAD models.

A coat hook was designed using the topology analysis and optimisation methods. The final 3D printable model was created to be strong using the organic shapes of nature and still used a small amount of material.

– What Kind of 3D Printing Topology Analysis Do We Offer? –

We provide topology optimisation on 3D printable products and parts that need to be stronger than standard design methods.
If you want your 3D printable design to be optimised using the 3D printing topology analysis, we will assist with this. Contact Us so we may discuss how we can assist in optimising your part.

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