3D Printing Products

3DWhip is an online on-demand additive manufacturing company. We provide a list of services relating to 3D printing products and product design. In the case of 3D printing, we generally use models that we have created or models that you have.

 – Want to 3D Print Your Own Design? –

If you would like your own model 3D printed, there are a few steps needed to be followed for us to help. You will need to upload the model onto the cloud so we may be able to prepare it for printing. Once we have prepared the model, we start printing it based on your request. After printing, we clean it and then package and ship it back to you. The link to our drive is here. Please download our Request for Quote .pdf document when requesting a quotation for your 3D print.

– 3D Printing Products Available Online –

We have compiled a list of websites where you can download free 3D printable models. Just click on the images.
Disclaimer: All models on these websites follow the Creative Commons (CC) licences. All rights reserved to the designers.

3d printing products cults
pinshape 3d printing

– What is the Maximum Size Model, We Can Print? –

The current print volume offered is 120 mm x 120 mm x 120 mm as seen below. Should your print be larger, we can print them in parts and assemble after printing.

3D Printing product build volume
Build Volume

With the current build volume, we are able to print parts in pieces and assemble the after. Our printer farm will be expanding to include larger build volumes to accommodate larger 3D prints. Contact us to find out more.

– What kinds of Material Do We Use? –

3DWhip uses ABS, ABS+, Nylon, HIPS, and TPU. You can find out more by contacting us.

– What Colours Do We Offer? –

All 3D printing products are printed in black or white. There are many other colours available, should you require a specific colour, you can let us know.

– Print Quality –

The models offered by 3DWhip have different print quality. The better the quality the longer the print. The image shows you the different print qualities available. The image below has been exaggerated but expect your 3D print to be better.


– Would You Like to Engage With Us? –

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