Digital Design Modelling

– Software Used to Create Our Digital Designs –

3DWhip strives to provide you with engineering-grade models and digital designs. We are able to offer you professional 3D rendered drawings and CAD models for 3D printing and product development tasks by using only the best commercially available software packages.

The software packages we use are world-class and are used worldwide by engineers, makers and university students in the additive manufacturing space.

Each software listed here is used to create specific types of digital designs such as characters, engineering CAD models and optimised 3d printable models. The software packages we use at 3DWhip to do the modelling for you are as follows



Fusion 360

Used to help create professional CAD models for you


Used to help create professional character models for you


Used to preprocess the models for 3D printing


Autodesk Meshmixer for digital designs
Autodesk Meshmixer
Fusion 360 for digital designs
Fusion 360
Blender for digital designs

– Want to See Our Past Work? –

We know that seeing is believing and if you would like to see some of our past modelling work, visit our digital design gallery portfolio by clicking on the picture.

Digital Designs

– Would you Like to Watch Us Design? –

3DWhip is actively trying to improve and show our customers our capabilities in the design and additive manufacturing space. We upload a range of videos to our Youtube channel. These videos include time-lapse videos, product designing using the different software packages and product assembly of 3D printed parts. Watch us on Youtube to see our capabilities.

– Want to Engage With Us? –

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