3D Printing Design Aid

3D printed design guide cube created by 3DWhip

3DWhip has created a 3D printing design aid. As a company focused on 3D printing and product design, it is important to know and have tolerance guides when preparing CAD designs for 3D printing.

– Past Project: Design Guide Cube –

A 3D printed design cube guide, assisting with designing for additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

The design cube is a combination of common 3D printing tolerances which serves as an illustrative guide for designers. The model was printed on the Up Plus 2 3D printer using black and white ABS plastic. This was designed by 3DWhip and entered in a national 3D design competition for additive manufacturing in South Africa. Our winning prize from the competition was a brand new Up Mini 2 3D printer. This achievement only solidifies the skills that we have at 3DWhip. The documentation for the model is free to download from our 3D printing store.

– What Kind of 3D Printing Design Aids Do We Offer? –

3DWhip does not officially offer design guides at the very moment. When our online courses are up and running, a number of guides, 3D printing design aids and tutorials will be available. Stay tuned and watch this space for future updates.

If you want your own 3D printable design guides printed, we will assist with this. Please allow ample time and additional costs for the prop design.

– Want to See Us 3D Print? –

We understand that seeing is believing. Check out our Youtube Channel to watch our latest time-lapse uploads. Subscribe to our channel to keep up to date and see any of the 3D printed props & cosplay accessories we do.

3d printing design aid
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