3D Printing Consultancy

3D Printing Consultancy provided by 3DWhip

3DWhip is an online on-demand additive manufacturing company that strives to bring peoples imaginations into reality through 3D printing consultancy services. We also believe that 3D printing has the potential to reshape the manufacturing space and provide personalization and customization to everyone and anyone at an extraordinary level.

Some people still do not fully understand the concepts and the full potential of additive manufacturing or 3D printing. Many adopters are familiar with using a desktop 3D printer but still do not fully grasp the differences in technology like the different types of printing techniques, printer types and printer uses. It is important to know these because it could mean using the incorrect printing process for simple or complex product creation.

The experience that 3DWhip has includes but is not limited only to using additive manufacturing technology for printing and design. We also have research experience in the additive manufacturing space.

– How is a Product or Part Created? –

The general process involved in creating a 3D printed part starts with a digital design. The digital design is then sent to the 3D printer software to prepare it for printing. After selecting the appropriate settings for the print, the model may be 3D printed. The final stage of the process involves cleaning and in some cases assembling the final product. The image below shows the process.

3D Printing Consultancy
General 3D Printing Process

– Our 3D Printing Consultancy Offerings –

We are a company that believes that it is an important and critical duty to share our knowledge and skills. This ideal will help improve the skills needed within our country to effectively achieve industry 4.0 standards. It will also help many others to join in and disrupt the industrial sector within South Africa and Africa. Our current offerings include services in digital product design, 3D printing, product customisation and design for additive manufacturing.

As an online platform, our 3D printing consultancy service will cover specific course content that will help you learn how to do engineering designs, renders, and how to optimise digital designs for 3D printing and how to select 3D printing technology for the given task you need.

Stay tuned and watch this space to be up to date if you are keen on learning needed skills in the additive manufacturing space.

– Want to See our Past Digital Designs? –

We know that seeing is believing and if you would like to see some of our past modelling work, visit our digital design gallery portfolio by clicking on the picture.

Digital Designs
Digital Designs

– Want to See Some of Our Product Design Videos? –

We upload a range of videos to our Youtube channel. These videos include time-lapse videos, product designing using the different software packages and product assembly of 3D printed parts. Watch our Youtube videos on product design below.

– Would You Like to Engage With Us for Any 3D Printing Consultancy Work? –

Contact us if you are interested in engaging with us and would like to find out more about our services.