3D Printed Props & Cosplay

3D Printed Props & Cosplay

3DWhip is an online on-demand additive manufacturing company that strives to bring peoples imaginations into reality. We offer specialised 3D printed props & cosplay accessories for any cosplayer.

– Past Project: 3D Printed Game of Thrones Prop –

A 3D printed, assembled and painted prop of the famous Valyrian steel sword, Longclaw, used by John Snow from Game of Thrones. The assembled sword has a total length of 1.15 m. Visit the gallery to see the complete build.

– What Kind of 3D Printed Props Do We Offer? –

We offer two variations. The first is 3D printed kits of the prop you want to be printed where you sand, assemble, glue and paint yourself. The second variation is where we do everything for you.

We print models supplied by you or custom designed by us. Please allow ample time and additional costs for the prop design.

– Want to See Us 3D Print a Prop? –

We understand that seeing is believing. Check out our Youtube Channel to watch our latest time-lapse uploads. Subscribe to our channel to keep up to date and see any of the 3D printed props & cosplay accessories we do.

3D Printed Props & Cosplay

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