3D Printed Pictures

3D Printed Picture lithophane

– Past Project: 3D Printed Pictures –

3DWhip is an online on-demand additive manufacturing company that strives to bring peoples imaginations into reality. What better way to do this by offering 3D printed pictures?

To create a rememberable and novel gift, a customer requested if we could 3D print a picture that would best showcase her sisters love for the famous Tv show – Friends.

Naturally, we searched the internet to find the perfect image of the Friends cast and turned the image into a perfect 3D printable picture. See the original picture used to create the 3D printed picture below.

3d printed pictures

– What Kind of Photos Can We 3D Print? –

We can use any photo, picture or downloaded wallpaper to create a 3D printed model. There are a few picture property recommendations that we suggest to achieve the best looking 3D print. The recommendations are as follows

Image Settings



Highest Resolution Image (eg  1920 x1080) | Picture Width Should be Longer than Height.

Picture Type

All Image Formats are Accepted.

3D Printed Models

Flat Print and Outer Curved Print (Other Shapes are Available: Contact to Find Out).

– Want to Watch Us 3D Print an Image? –

We understand that seeing is believing, especially seeing an image or picture being 3D printed. Check out our Youtube Channel to watch our latest time-lapse uploads. Watch a time-lapse video of us 3D printing an image of the movie Avengers End Game.

3D Print Characters Youtube Channel

 – See More of Our Cool Past Prints –

Interested in checking some of our many other different 3D prints? Visit our gallery page (select the image below) to see all of our 3D printed captures.

3D Print Gallery

– Would You Like to Engage With Us? –

Contact Us if you would like us to assist with 3D printing a picture for you.